Correa alba - White Correa

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Habit and Habitat:
Correa alba, commonly known as White Correa, is a captivating native Australian shrub that brings timeless beauty to any landscape. This evergreen shrub boasts a compact and bushy habit, making it an excellent choice for gardens, borders, and hedges. White Correa is native to various regions in Australia, including Victoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania, showcasing its adaptability to different climates and habitats.

IUCN Conservation Status:
White Correa holds a secure position in its native habitat and is not listed on the IUCN Red List. Its abundance in the wild makes it a resilient and sustainable choice for gardeners and nature enthusiasts alike.

Place in Local Habitat and Ecosystem Distribution:
White Correa plays an essential role in local ecosystems, providing food and shelter for native birds, bees, and butterflies. It often thrives in coastal heathlands, woodlands, and rocky outcrops, contributing to the diversity and resilience of Australia's natural landscapes.

Planting Companions:
Pair White Correa with other Australian native plants like Grevillea, Callistemon, and Leptospermum species to create a vibrant and wildlife-friendly garden. These companions not only complement the beauty of White Correa but also attract native pollinators, enhancing the overall biodiversity of your garden.

Specific Human and Wildlife Uses:
Apart from its ornamental value, White Correa has been used in Indigenous Australian traditions for medicinal purposes, showcasing its cultural significance. In modern landscapes, this charming shrub serves as a delightful focal point while providing a haven for local bird species.

Care Instructions:
White Correa is a low-maintenance plant once established. Plant it in well-draining soil and a sunny to partially shaded location. Regular watering during its establishment phase will help it thrive. Once matured, it can tolerate periods of drought.

Size, Height, Width, Flower, and Leaf Characteristics:
White Correa typically grows to a height of 1 to 2 meters with a similar width, forming a neat and compact shape. The flowers are a stunning highlight, featuring bell-shaped blooms with a white or creamy-yellow hue, often adorned with subtle hints of pink or red. Its attractive foliage adds to its appeal, with oval-shaped leaves showcasing a matte green surface.

Latin Etymology:
The genus name "Correa" honors the Portuguese botanist José Francisco Correia da Serra, while "alba" refers to the species' white-colored flowers.