Plants available for online orders are grown in square tubestock (12cm x 5cm x 5cm) only. We also grow a range of species in larger sizes, availability can be found on the Trade / Wholesale plant list.
Alternatively, you're welcome to visit the nursery by appointment and browse plants. Get in touch to make an appointment.

We offer the following sizes:

(50mm N. tube) :
Benefits: These young plants are the smallest and most cost-effective option. They are ideal for large-scale re-vegetation projects, erosion control, and creating ground cover in various landscapes.
Foliage: Limited in size but rapidly growing.
Root System: Developing a strong root system to anchor the plant and access nutrients and water.

(140 mm) (1.5L) :
Benefits: With a slightly larger size, these plants strike a balance between cost-effectiveness and quicker establishment. They are versatile and suitable for various re-vegetation projects and home garden applications.
Foliage: Developing more foliage than the 50mm N. tube, contributing to better initial growth and shade cover.
Root System: Further developed, promoting enhanced nutrient uptake and anchorage.

(200 mm) (4.5L) :
Benefits: These plants are more developed and provide a head start in re-vegetation efforts. They are excellent for creating an immediate impact in the landscape.
Foliage: Well-developed and lush, making them visually appealing from the start.
Root System: A robust root system allows for quicker establishment and increased drought tolerance.

(400 mm) (27L) :
Benefits: The largest size offered, these plants provide instant impact, making them perfect for landscaping and restoration projects that require an immediate visual transformation.
Foliage: Mature and substantial, giving an instant sense of maturity to the landscape.
Root System: Well-established and extensive, providing the plant with ample access to water and nutrients, enhancing its survivability.

With these various sizes available, you can choose the most suitable size for your re-vegetation project, tailoring your approach to meet the specific needs of the environment you are restoring or enhancing. Whether you opt for smaller tubestock for large-scale initiatives or larger-sized plants for an instant impact, each option offers unique advantages that contribute to the preservation and promotion of our precious native flora and fauna.