Plants can only be delivered to you throughout Eastern Australia (VIC, NSW, QLD, and ACT).

Online orders are fulfilled on Fridays.
To cover handling costs the minimum order is 5 plants at $25.00 plus postage.
To match our boxing and packaging system the optimal plant quantities are 5, 25, 40.
These totals are more economical for Australia Post shipping costs.
Orders outside of these recommended package sizes are welcome at your discretion.

Our Plant Guarantee

We take meticulous care in growing & packaging your plants so they will arrive in excellent condition. Your Reforest plants are grown outdoors, hardened under conditions that make your plants stronger. In the nursery here, your plants survive everything from frosts to +40°C temperatures, coastal salty winds, and every weather condition in-between. Wild conditions make for wilder and stronger plants.  

However, if by chance your plants don't arrive in great condition. Just email customer service with a pic of your plants within 24hrs of your order arriving and we'll sort it out. We can either replace the plants or transfer your purchase price back to you. 

If you do not email customer service within 24hrs of receiving your order, we cannot accept responsibility for any issues or delivery problems. However, we can assist you with how best to care for your plants within the first 7 days of receiving them.